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Ways to Recycle Old Bras

Posted by SexyLocker Media on 1/25/2012 to New Releases

Click to read more...Believe it or not, you can actually recycle your old bras. If they don’t fit, if you would be embarrassed to be seen it, if the bra is damaged and the elastic is hanging out, it may actually be a health risk to continue wearing it. You could always just toss them in the trash, but instead consider the following options:

SexyLocker Celebrity of the Month: Rihanna

Posted by SexyLocker Media on 1/18/2012
Click to read all...If you have  listened to popular music on the radio within the last five or six years, you’re probably familiar with and have heard numerous songs by Caribbean born Rihanna. This month SexyLocker takes a look at Rihanna’s music, her style and her connection to sexy lingerie.

Best Sexy Winter Pajamas

Posted by SexyLocker Media on 1/11/2012 to New Releases
Click to read more...Many areas of the country are experiencing colder temperatures and the winter season. Fortunately, when it comes to pajamas and sleepwear, you can still find something sexy and pretty at SexyLocker to keep warm and comfortable in.

How to Make Your Lingerie Last Longer

Posted by SexyLocker Media on 1/4/2012 to New Releases
Click to read more...One of the best ways to insure you get the most for your money when purchasing lingerie is first to make sure you purchase high quality products which is what we focus on the most at Sexy Locker. Even with high quality bras and panties though, there are steps you can take that will keep your items in better shape longer.

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