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Why You Need a Sexy Swimwear Cover Up

Posted by SexyLocker Media on 4/21/2012 to New Releases

Thank goodness it’s that time of the year where we start shopping for more clothing that actually covers less of our bodies. Not only is it time to search for the best flip flops and sandals, and swimsuits, but something we often forget about are cover ups. Have you been to the beach and had to wrap a large, sandy towel around your waist? Next time consider a sexy cover up instead.

Reasons For a Sexy Beach Cover Up

Cover ups are generally thin, slip over pieces that can conveniently and quickly pulled over your swimsuit. They are available in simple and inexpensive cotton versions that resemble t-shirts or skirts, or can be one piece tube top styles or mesh materials.


Why you need a swimsuit cover up varies. Some people have no problem running into the gas station in their swimsuit, but if you are not comfortable with traveling in your bikini, it helps to have something you can  throw on quickly.

How often have you had to run somewhere for a bite to eat or an errand but didn’t want to change completely out of your swimsuit into regular clothing. Especially if your intention is to return to the pool or beach, it is much more convenient to throw on a cover up.


If you are not comfortable being seen in your new bikini or if you happen to be bloated and uncomfortable with the current state of your body, you may be more comfortable with a thin cover up over your swimsuit. Many cover-ups can also be worn in the water.

Evening Beach Parties

Sometimes evenings are quite a bit chillier than the afternoon in which the beach party began. Sometimes a beachwear cover up is just enough to keep warm in the evening so that you can still enjoy the beach party without changing into an entirely new outfit. There are also light pant versions of cover ups for this reason as well.

SexyLocker has added a number of different high quality cover ups to include with your swimwear wardrobe. The styles and designs currently range from casual cotton styles which can be worn without the swimsuit as well as mesh and fancier designs that compliment your swimsuit.