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Ways to Recycle Old Bras

Posted by SexyLocker Media on 1/25/2012 to New Releases

Here at SexyLocker we provide hundreds of different styles and designs of bras in various sizes and colors, so there is no question where you should purchase high quality new bras. However, what does an eco-friendly girl do with the old and worn out bras that are just taking up space in the dresser?

Ways to Recycle Old Bras

Believe it or not, you can actually recycle your old bras. If it doesn't fit, if you would be embarrassed to be seen in it, if the bra is damaged and the elastic is hanging out, it may actually be a health risk to continue wearing it. You could always just toss them in the trash, but instead consider the following options:

Bra Recycling Programs

If your bras are just the wrong size or you have nursing bras you don’t plan on using ever again, you can check your area for a bra recycling program such as the Bosom Buddy Program in Arizona and donate old bras. This organization actually collects and recycles the old bras to be given to needy women. Let’s face, it for those who are in need, there aren’t too many places to pick up a gently used bra.  The Bosom Buddy Program actually has a mailing address as well, in case you don’t have a similar program in your area.

Repair the Bra or Update It Into a New Bra

If the bra just needs to be fixed, and is one that you fits well and is comfortable, you may want to just make any minor repairs and hold onto it a little bit longer. As long as you don’t have to completely re-sew the bra, you can probably make minor repairs without any problems. For bras that just seem old or outdated, consider adding lace or something fancy to brighten it up. Sometimes, just adding a couple sequins will result in a bra that looks brand new.

Get Crafty With Old Bras

Believe it or not, there are a number of crafts you can create with an old bra. Some of these ideas include filling it with potpourri and creating a scented satchel for your dresser drawers, and even adding lots of bobbles and pretty things to turn a bra into a cute little hand purse. The materials in the bra can also be used for projects such as quilting that require small pieces of fabric and lace.

 Have any ideas? What do you do with your old bras?