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Types of Bras and Why You Need Them

Posted by SexyLocker Media on 2/15/2012 to New Releases
Even if no one sees your bra, just knowing you have on sexy underclothes can make you feel good. Different types and styles of bras however, are actually useful in a number of ways and serve a purpose other than just looking pretty. Luckily at SexyLocker, we have the best of both worlds and can provide panties and bras that are sexy as well as practical. 

Versatile Strapless Bras 

Strapless bras are extremely useful and are most often worn with tube tops and dresses that do not have sleeves or shoulders to hide bra straps. There are strapless bras available in all sizes, as well as strapless push up bras if you are in need of a little lift. If you have ever had problems with strapless bras slipping down, it is suggested that you purchase a bra at least a cup size smaller (or a back size smaller). 

The Sexy Balconette Bra

The balconette style bra is similar to a shelf bra and provides more uplift and cleavage than standard bras. The balconette is a little more revealing than a demi bra, which covers a little over half of the breast. This style works especially well with tops that are cut low horizontally. 

Push Up Bra 

Another common bra style at SexyLocker is the push up bra, which is pretty self explanatory. Although it is believed that only petite sized women wear push up bras, this style of bra is beneficial for all breast sizes. Push up bras lift the breasts higher so they appear fuller and can create cleavage (if you’re trying to create cleavage). 

There are a number of styles and designs in bras, panties and lingerie at SexyLocker. You will likely be able to find quality bras that are sexy and meet your needs as well.