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Tips for Taking Sexy Pictures in Lingerie

Posted by SexyLocker Media on 3/28/2012 to New Releases

There are a number of reasons you may want to snap sexy pictures, whether planning for a super sexy Valentine’s or Anniversary gift or just wishing to catch a moment to remind yourself later of how hot you once were (although sexy is definitely going to radiate from the inside regardless of your age). With a little practice and a few SexyLocker pieces anyone can take Victoria's Secret model type pictures.

Choose Comfortable Lingerie – You don’t have to be naked or almost naked to take sexy photographs.  If you are not comfortable showing a lot of skin, choose lingerie that is less revealing. Believe it or not, you can actually take sexy pictures in pajamas. If you are not comfortable in what you are wearing (or not wearing) you will likely not be happy with how the photos turn out.


Practice Taking Pictures Yourself – Sometimes we are more comfortable taking these types of photos alone. Try a camera with a self timer and practice different poses, “looks” and various pieces of lingerie.


Clean Up the Area – You may not think those socks laying on the floor are a big deal, until you take an awesome photo and wish they weren’t in the picture. Clean up clutter and anything that doesn’t belong in your sexy pictures. You may even want to come up with some sort of theme to make it a little more fun.


Look at the Photos on Your Computer -  The greatest part of snapping your own photographs is that you can view them immediately on your computer and pick and choose the things that you do and don’t like. Maybe the style of lingerie fits differently in the photos than you thought or maybe the lighting is bad in the area you’ve chosen. This way you can make adjustments and retake the photos.


Don’t forget the Little Things – Unless you are a photoshop pro, you will want to mind the little things that can potentially ruin a great photo. Make sure your nails are done, make sure you shave (or not, if that’s your thing) and make sure your skin is glistening and not dry and patchy. 

If you still have trouble getting the photographs you want, you may need to ask for the assistance of a close friend. There are also professional photographers that will help you with sexy pictures as well, but for the most part, you will likely be more comfortable taking them yourself. Take your time and after practicing for a while, you’ll have perfect, sexy lingerie photographs.