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The Sexy Locker Guide to Panties

Posted by SexyLocker Media on 12/21/2011 to New Releases

There are tons of different types of styles of panties and even for women the difference between a thong and a g-string can be confusing. There is more to selecting panties and underwear than just knowing the difference between lace panties and cotton briefs. We’ll take a look at a few of the main styles of panties which are all available at Sexy Locker.

The Difference Between G-Strings and Thongs

The g-string is of course named for the “string” that rests between the buttocks. Although the terms g-string and thong are often used synonymously, they are different types of panties. The g-string style of underwear or undergarment can be worn by both men and women.

In the fashion world, a thong can either refer to a pair of sandals or a pair of panties. In regards to undergarments, the thong is similar to the g-string but consists of a wider piece of material between the buttocks instead of a single string.

Bikini Style Underwear

The bikini panty is probably the most standard style of underwear and for some women is considered the most comfortable. Bikini panties also allow for a variety of additional features such as tummy smoothers and body enhancers that cannot be included in styles which are made up of little material. Bikini panties may also be referred to as briefs.

Boy Shorts

Boy shorts are also referred to booty shorts named so because of their similarity to boxer shorts. The leg/thigh area tends to be longer on boy shorts than any other style of panty. This style has become increasingly popular in the last few years because of overall comfort and sexiness. Although named boy shorts, there is really nothing masculine about the contemporary boy short for women.

Besides the styles of women’s underwear that are mentioned, there are also V-Strings, T-Backs and Slings as well as a number of other terms used for each of the types of underwear. Surprisingly, each one of the styles has its own purpose sometimes depending only on the pants or dress you are wearing. G-strings and thongs are often worn with certain materials to avoid panty lines from showing. In the end, you’ll want to stick with whichever style is the most comfortable and makes you feel the sexiest.

Which style do you find to be the most versatile type of panty?