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SexyLocker Celebrity of the Month: Rihanna

Posted by SexyLocker Media on 1/18/2012

If you have listened to popular music on the radio within the last five or six years, you’re probably familiar with and have heard numerous songs by Caribbean born Rihanna. This month SexyLocker takes a look at Rihanna’s music, her style and her connection to sexy lingerie.

In the News

Rihanna (also known as RiRi) first became well known around 2005 for her album, “Music of the Sun”. The 23 year old star born in Barbados is known globally and regarded as one of the leaders in fashion, music, and entertainment. 

She has not only had multiple #1 hits, but has also received numerous Grammy and other music awards.

Rihanna and Lingerie for Armani

Although she has sometimes been known for a sexual or “dirty” kind of style, Rihanna has most recently modeled for Armani’s sexy lingerie campaign in various poses that would be considered conservative.

Photos from Celebuzz

Recommended Lingerie from SexyLocker 

Rihanna is approximately 5’8 and 133 lbs. In this article she is quoted as being either a size 2 or a size 4.  It is estimated that her measurements are 34-24-36 (or somewhere around that).

SexyLocker carries a number of pajama and lingerie sets that are similar to the ones Rihanna has modeled for Armani (but cost less) and would be suited to Rihanna's style whether extra sexy or similar to the more traditional Armani styles. Below are a few pieces that match both Rihanna's style and Armani lingerie.