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Sexy Pajamas for Summer: What Are You Sleeping In?

Posted by SexyLocker Media on 5/17/2012 to New Releases
As it gets warmer outside and we begin to wonder if it's hot enough to finally turn on the AC, we may want to consider what we are sleeping in at night. The only thing better than sleeping in nothing... is of course sleeping in the sexiest and most comfortable pajamas you can slip into.

Here are a couple things to consider when choosing pajamas to wear during the summer.

Choose Materials That Breathe

In the summer months or even if you live in a tropical area, in order to stay cool during the night, you will want to choose fabrics and materials that breathe. Natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and silk will breathe more than synthetic fabrics such as polyester.

Sexy Chemise Sleepwear and Short Sets

There are a number of sexy styles available for sleepwear, of course you will likely sleep better if you choose styles that you are comfortable in. If you don't like the feel of shorts, try the chemise style pajamas which are light and loose fitting and feel similar to a nightgown. Otherwise, you may want to try a pajama set that consists of  just a thong and matching tank top. For summer weather, you will want to concentrate on loose fitting and light styles.

If you are the type that needs a fan on or air conditioning while you sleep, you may want to select a pair of the pajama pants made from a very light fabric.This way you are able to keep a bit warmer at night, without piling on the heavy winter flannel pajamas.