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Sexy Locker Celebrity of the Month-Lindsay Lohan and Bras

Posted by SexyLocker Media on 10/20/2011
We are working on a Sexy Locker Celebrity of the Month to share interesting and relevant information about our favorite celebrities and their personal connections to bras, panties and lingerie. This month, we chose Ms. Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan is always in the news for either violating probation, not showing up at the morgue on time, or consistently showing up in public sans bra. Who are we to judge, if that’s your thing? But since it is is rumored that Lindsay Lohan’s bra size is around 34D-36D, there are a few reasons a person with a similar breast size would probably need a bra

Why You Need a Bra

1. Extra support especially if you are working out or running. You will want to invest in a great sports bra. 
2. Bras give the illusion of bigger breasts. 
3. Bras give support and keep breasts from sagging.

Nowadays, the decision to wear a bra or to even go bra-less is a personal choice. The biggest concern when shopping for bras is choosing one that fits properly and is comfortable. It is a common myth that women have to wear bras, but for most of us, it is uncomfortable not wearing one. Unless you’re Lindsay Lohan, then you kind of do what you want. 

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