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Plus Size Lingerie: Sexy is Not Just for the Small Sizes

Posted by SexyLocker Media on 11/2/2011 to New Releases

Ask anyone what their definition of sexy is and you’ll likely hear a number of different responses from inner sexiness to physical sexiness. What you won’t hear is that sexy is only for the size 0 population. If you aren’t familiar with the plus size type of sexy, than you obviously haven’t checked out Crystal Renn and Candice Huffine. Try telling someone that these girls aren’t sexy.

However, being a plus-size lady, you will have just as many (if not) challenges in finding sexy lingerie as any other woman. You just need to keep a couple things in mind when doing your lingerie shopping.

Plus Size Panties

Look for panties with ab control or fit in a way that will enhance your shape. You don’t need your panties to squeeze in anything and make you uncomfortable. What you’re looking for is something that enhances the curves that you already have.

Large Sized Lingerie

When shopping for lingerie regardless of your size, you want to be honest with yourself. Which parts of your body do you want to accentuate and which parts do you want to steer the attention away from? For instance, if you have wide hips or are not comfortable with your tummy showing, choose lingerie that exposes and calls attention to your breasts and takes the attention from the areas you are not comfortable with.

All of the Sexy Locker lingerie, panties and bras are available in extra large sizes. Remember that regardless of the size you wear, confidence is the sexiest asset of all. Love your curves and you will find yourself feeling sexy no matter what you’re wearing.