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Introducing New Fun and Sexy Socks!

Posted by SexyLocker Media on 12/7/2011 to New Releases

Sexy Locker is constantly updating the catalog of lingerie, panties, bras and accessories and are excited to introduce the newest additions, our line of fun and sexy socks. Not only are these women’s socks sexy, but they are quality made, which means you’ll be able to wear these fun and comfortable socks for a lot longer than others.

The Sexy Locker socks are available in a number of quirky and cute designs as well as styles from over the knee to crew length.

Over the Knee Socks

These socks may be the most fun and sexy of all of the styles of socks and are actually quite versatile. You can wear over the knee socks with mini skirts or even pants and long skirts. In the winter time, they add extra warmth and can serve the same purpose as leggings and tights.

Knee Socks

This style of sock is a bit similar to the over the knee style, except of course shorter and usually stop right at the knee or slightly below it. These are suitable for pants and trousers or shorts if you want to add something fun to a pair of denim shorts.

Crew Socks

The crew sock is probably the most popular style of the three socks. The difference between Sexy Locker crew socks and typical packs of 6 crew socks from your local discount store is first quality, and next the selection of fun and sexy designs. These are obviously not your regular crew socks.

The quality of the complete line of fun and sexy socks with Sexy Locker is guaranteed not to itch and allows for repeat washing and drying without shrinking. The reinforced sole and heel also provide extra comfort and durability. Whatever style of sock you wear or are interested in, we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to find your next pair of favorite socks at Sexy Locker.