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How to Store Lingerie: Caring for Intimate Apparel

Posted by SexyLocker Media on 2/22/2012 to New Releases

SexyLocker provides sexy, high quality lingerie, panties and bras, but an important step in caring for lingerie and intimate apparel, is also dependent on how you store it. Do you wad it up and throw it all into the underwear drawer? It may seem like a big hassle to take care of lingerie, but you will find that proper storage of lingerie does not require a lot of expense or work. Taking a few quick steps will help keep your lingerie in perfect condition.

Organize Panties and Bras

If you can come up with some sort of organization in your underwear drawer, you will likely save yourself valuable time when getting dressed. Your undergarments are also less likely to be snagged and torn if you have them arranged and separated.

For example, you can either create dividers with cardboard separators or buy them from the store. This enables you to fold and pile the lace panties and place them in their own section. You will also fold the bras into the cups and place them in their own as well. This way, no hooks are getting caught on the lace or material of other pieces.

Note:  We have covered the importance of hand washing undergarments. These two steps alone will make a huge difference in how long your bras and panties remain in good condition.

Also, while organizing, take this opportunity to throw out any pieces that do not fit, you would not want to be caught dead in, or are damaged and cannot be worn. There is no reason to hold onto these items and most can actually be used for something useful or bras may even be donated to someone that needs them.

Storing Lingerie and Pajamas

Well, contrary to popular belief, very delicate and fancy intimate apparel should not be hanging in the closet. The reason is that hanging causes the elastic to stretch and over time, your pretty lingerie will end up misshapen and weird. Instead, fold your nighties and pajamas, as flat as you can fit in your drawer. Make sure you line the drawers if there is a possibility of material being caught on wood, and if you really want to put something in there that is scented, make sure it isn’t an oily substance that will stain.

Purchasing high quality items from retailers such as SexyLocker, and then organizing, caring for and storing those items will insure that you get a lot more wear out of your lingerie, panties and bras.