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How to Stay Sexy In Winter

Posted by SexyLocker Media on 11/7/2011 to New Releases
Once the weather cools down and we have to put away tank tops and shorts and bring out long pants and bulky sweaters, it may seem as though it's a little difficult being sexy. Sure, it's always nicer when the sun is out, be we can still take a couple steps in making sure we look and feel sexy throughout the winter season. 

Choose Hot and Sexy Colors 

It seems like a simple remedy, but choose colors that seem hot such as red and black. Whether you go head to to in red lingerie or even your everyday clothing, bright colors will definitely help get through the winter doldrums and black is sexy in any season. 

Remember Sexy Accessories 

Sexy hats and scarves are great for winter because of course they provide warmth. Accessories also dress up outfits that may seem to be just drab, everyday sweaters and slacks. 

Wear Comfortable Fabrics That Feel Good

You'd be amazed how much sexier you feel in winter if you're wearing cashmere. Choose soft and comfortable fabrics that feel good on and aren't just supposed to keep you warm. Snow pants might protect you from the cold, but you're not going to feel very sexy in them. 

Also, if you choose sexy lingerie, bras and panties, it won't matter how cold it is outdoors. Underneath it all, you'll still be sexy even if you do have to go out under circumstances that aren't always considered sexy. Sexy Locker offers a variety of accessories, lingerie and pajamas that will help keep you sexy through winter.