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How to Make a Million Dollars Selling Lingerie

Posted by SexyLocker Media on 3/14/2012 to New Releases
There are a few important factors when selling lingerie that make the difference between making money and making a million dollars. As part of the SexyLocker wholesale program, you have the opportunity to be as significant as Victoria’s Secret when it comes to selling great lingerie, bras and panties, but you do need to keep a few things in mind.

How to Make a Million Dollars Selling Lingerie
  • High Quality Products - You may be able to make money on crappy products, but high quality lingerie creates clients for life. 
  • Up to Date Styles - Keeping up with current trends and styles insures that you always have exactly what the client is looking for. Through SexyLocker you are able to provide a large variety of colors and designs in all lingerie, panties, bras and swimsuits.
  • Attention to Customers - It is important in any business, that the company listens and pays attention to what the customers are actually saying. 
  • Low Prices - When selling lingerie, you will not only need to provide high quality products but also set your prices low enough to be affordable for the client. 

If you are interested in selling lingerie, get more information on our wholesale or drop ship program here.

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