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How to Make Your Lingerie Last Longer

Posted by SexyLocker Media on 1/4/2012 to New Releases

One of the best ways to insure you get the most for your money when purchasing lingerie is first to make sure you purchase high quality products which is what we focus on the most at Sexy Locker. Even with high quality bras and panties though, there are steps you can take that will keep your items in better shape longer.

Hand Wash Lingerie

One of the hardest things on delicate panties and bras is the washing machine. Even if you use the gentle cycle, there is still a chance that your items will become hooked or snagged onto another garment or piece inside the washer. Besides this risk, how many times have your items ended up completely twisted around the center piece? By the time you break everything free, you have a handful of damaged lingerie.

Wash Lingerie Separately

This is another reason it’s best to wash lingerie by hand. Washing delicate pieces of clothing with the rest of your clothes risks all sorts of problems and snags with zippers and buttons and other things. Needless to say, it’s extremely hard on lingerie.

Hang Dry Bras

Bras that are tumble dried in the dryer are susceptible to being damaged by heat. This can ruin wiring and elastic and just plain distort your bra. To make your bras last longer, skip the dryer and hang dry them.

Lingerie Bags

There are special bags that can be used to wash y our lingerie in and store it in. Storing your lingerie properly is just as important to making it last longer as washing it properly. Make sure when storing panties and bras that you fold things neatly. Tossing them into a drawer haphazardly can result in bras with distorted and misshapen molds and padding as well as increase the chances of things becoming twisted together and snagged.

Keep in mind however that the first rule of thumb is to buy quality lingerie from retailers such as Sexy Locker, in the first place. Then take care of it properly and you’ll enjoy your bras and panties a lot longer.