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How to Buy a Bra Online

Posted by SexyLocker Media on 10/9/2011 to New Releases
Shoppers are often hesitant about buying bras and lingerie online because they're not sure whether they'll find something they like, whether it will fit properly when they receive it, or whether the quality will be high enough for the product that it will be worth the money paid for it. If you are not shopping online however, you may be missing out on a number of great deals when shopping for bras and lingerie. Before you buy bras online you will want to check out a few tips in advance.

Measure Yourself for the Right Fit and How to Measure for Bra Size

You may not think you need to measure yourself because you've been wearing the same bra size for years, right? You're also probably aware that whether we like it or not, things change. If your girls are peeking out of the bottom of your bra or are squished up over the top, or even if you are uncomfortable in your bra, you are probably not wearing the correct size. You can use the guide here for measuring yourself, before you choose a bra to purchase. Notice that if your measurement includes an uneven number, you will round up to the next whole number.

Choose a Bra Style You are Comfortable In

Sexy Locker provides numerous colors, styles and designs of bras at reasonable prices in sizes ranging from 32 to 42. Whether you are a "fresh", "romantic", "versatile" or "classic" type of girl, you'll find the style that you are most comfortable in. If you have a difficult time in general finding bras that fit, regardless of how you measure, you will want to check out versatile bras and bras that are adjustable. Until you are familiar with the brand, you probably don't want to go experimenting with styles you don't normally wear.

Look for the Return Policy When Shopping Online

The most important part about shopping online is becoming familiar with the retailer's return policy. Sexy Locker offers 60 days to return your purchase for a refund or an exchange. Being that we're talking about bras and lingerie however, you must return the items in their original condition, with sanitary guards in tact. It is a good rule of thumb to try on bras wearing an undergarment in case you may need to return it for a different size. You can read more about the return policy here.

You will be able to find a bra that works for you, that lasts, and will not cost you an arm and a leg. If you take a few precautions, your experience shopping online and purchasing bras and lingerie online, can be a good one (and you won't miss out on all of the great deals).