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Buying Swimsuits Online: The Best Swimsuit for Your Body Type

Posted by SexyLocker Media on 6/22/2012 to New Releases

Every year, thousands of women fall into full blown anxiety attacks anticipating the dreaded swimsuit shopping adventure. This year, save time and some of the headache by buying your swimsuit online. Similar to lingerie shopping, purchasing swimsuits online provides a much more comfortable experience. Once you are aware of the type of style that is best for your body type, you can skip the hassle of the malls and stores altogether and order from your living room.

Enhance Small Chests

If you have a small chest or top that is commonly referred to as “athletic” you will want to select top pieces that enhance. Many bikinis come with push up tops and padding to help enhance small chests. Bold prints, ruffles and extra frilliness will make the bust appear larger.

Make Thick Waists Appear Slimmer

One of the biggest complaints women have is that their waists are too think, too wide, or too full. If you feel like your middle fits any of these descriptions, you will feel more comfortable in swimsuits that do not focus on the waist or make the waist appear slimmer. Tankinis are perfect for waist slimming—even better if you find one with ruching and asymmetric details. These styles actually create an illusion of a thinner waist. One piece halter tops are also great styles for thick waists.

The other most common complaint women have is that our bellies are not flat enough. The same types of swimsuits will work well for either thick waisted or body types that have a little belly.

Add Curves to Straight Figures

If you happen to have a straight figure, you can choose styles that will make you appear slightly curvier.  Look for details like rings and shirring and extra bold prints especially on the bottoms. This brings attention to the hips and gives a straight line a more defined waist.  Stay away from vertical stripes or solid, flat styles.

No matter how great your swimsuit, there will be times when you want to throw something on quickly. An old t-shirt is going to make you second guess any sexiness you may have initially felt from your swimsuit. Do not underestimate the importance of a sexy swimwear cover up.