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3 Reasons We Love Sexy Babydoll Lingerie

Posted by SexyLocker Media on 3/7/2012 to New Releases

As mentioned in the previous blog post, SexyLocker has added a few new lines to our inventory. One of these lines is the sexy babydoll lingerie by Besame, a Colombian brand which is extremely popular and known for high quality products.

Besides, the prettiness of the pieces, here are 3 other reasons we particularly love the babydoll style of lingerie.

1.  Sexy Lingerie for Any Size

Because babydoll lingerie is typically a fitted top and a flowing bottom, it works well for all sizes petite to plus size. The fluffier bottom of course accents wide hips or large bottoms and tummies that aren’t always as flat as we wish they were.  This makes wearing the babydoll style much more comfortable for all sizes.

2.  Large Variety of Styles

Our inventory hasn’t all been added yet and will be within the next couple weeks, however you can tell from the pieces that are available that babydoll lingerie can vary a great deal. From the first style that includes a lace string thong and tiny lace up top, to the more standard babydoll style which covers the torso as one piece and flares at the bottom in babydoll fashion.

3.  Babydolls Accent Our Curves and Assets

Besides being a great style for all sizes, the babydoll style lingerie actually accents our greatest features like the legs and breasts while covering possible love handles. Keep in mind the areas of your body that you are most comfortable with when choosing a babydoll style for yourself. There are even sheer babydoll pieces that give you the comfort of coverage but are still sexy.

Make sure you check out the super sexy babydoll styles we currently  have available and check back for updates soon.