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2012 Sexy Swimwear Trends : These Swimsuits Are Hot

Posted by SexyLocker Media on 5/9/2012 to New Releases
Lots of bright colors seem to be this year's summer fashion trend and in swimsuits and swimwear, it isn't much different. According to the 2012 Swimwear Trends from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, there are a handful of super fashionable trends in swimwear to look out for when choosing your swimsuit this year.

Unexpected Color

At this point in the year, we should be familiar with fuchsia and bright orange. These two colors alone somehow took over summer fashion this year. However, there are a couple other interestingly bold colors popping up in swimsuits, such as cobalt, citrus green, aqua and even white.

Animal Prints on Bikinis

We've seen quite a bit of animal prints in fashion over the last couple years, and swimsuits are no different. 2012 will present bikinis and swimsuits in prints such as python, zebra stripes, leopard and any other animal print that can somehow be replicated and printed onto a small piece of material.

Monokinis, Tankinis and Cut Out Swimwear Styles

There are a number of different styles of swimsuits that are popular this summer also. These newer styles such as the monokini, which is a one piece with the sides cut out or cut outs which consist of various areas of a one piece being cut out are quite popular. Tankinis are also still at the top in swimwear styles as women like to wear two pieces but are sometimes more comfortable in two pieces that cover more.

Swimsuit Cover Ups

Cover ups and matching bottoms are also popular in swimwear. As mentioned in a previous blog post, cover ups are not only extremely useful articles but also kind of wrap up the entire beach look with your swim suit. Look for cover ups that are available in the same trendy animal prints, bold colors and styles as the swimsuits that are hot for 2012.

Also, all of the current fashion trends in swimwear are available at SexyLocker, so make sure you take a minute to check out the swimsuit area.